The Problem

At the time of writing this, there are over 1500 uploads on the Star Citizen YouTube channel, ranging anywhere from 30 seconds to over an hour in length. When discussing the game, people will often quote a developer or bring up topics mentioned in one or more videos uploaded years ago. With multiple weekly uploads over the years, so much has been spoken by CIG that people wanting to provide sources for their info will have an exceedingly difficult time doing so if they don't know the particular video.

The Solution

With the help of YouTube's auto-generated captions (and those provided by CIG, when available), this changes. This site allows anyone to search a database of all videos on the Star Citizen channel and their associated captions to quickly find the info they're searching for. Timestamps to all occurrences are provided for search terms that have a match. Searching for any mention of server meshing, bespoke, or ships that punch above their weight class should now take minutes, not hours, of combing through videos. Additionally, video stats are provided so anyone can see which videos have been the most far-reaching, what the community has been most interested in,
and more.

Additional Benefits

Furthermore, being an archive, this site acts as a quick access hub for many Star Citizen info resources that anyone may find useful at one time or another. At the bottom of the page, you'll find external links to several official RSI materials, as well as some of my favorite Star Citizen community projects, containing particularly useful information about all aspects of the game and its development.


Developer's Note

Thank you for visiting my site. The amazing developers at CIG and the passionate Star Citizen community both inspire the ongoing pursuit of my goals in software development. This site is among the first of hopefully many fruits to result from that inspiration.

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